To provide a global platform for young women to be empowered, engage in meaningful dialogue with peers, and to understand the power of one’s voice through shared storytelling.  Our work is grounded in the everyday realities of young women around the world.  Through critical analysis and strategic actions, we connect powerful young women, build and distribute knowledge, organize campaigns and share resources.



To inspire and encourage young women through intentionally developed and facilitated workshops and a robust online global platform.



TLGC is designed to create an online global platform to allow young women to be celebrated, have their voices heard through storytelling, engage in meaningful conversations, share pertinent information, network and build their peer communities, along with supporting one another through the challenges young women encounter across the world.


In addition, we will host and facilitate workshops in various communities to teach about professional and personal development as well as etiquette along with different writing, speaking and creative techniques that help aid in the art of storytelling.


The Lost Girls’ Campaign is spearheaded by the Lost Girls leading song and video in which captures 3 separate narratives of young women in a creative and powerful form. The Lost Girls song is shared in hopes of preventing young women from engaging in potential challenges that many young women are confronted with. The campaign will also feature a book "The Lost Girls Story" that will detail the 3 stories that are mentioned in the Lost Girls song. It will also highlight the stories of other women in the campaign to show girls around the world that they are not alone.

The Lost Girls LOGO