Lex Dime is one of the finest MC's on the face of the planet. She's giving it to you real. Please acknowledge that she has arrived." - Hip Hop Icon, MC Lyte


June 16, 2017 - Alexis “Lex Dime” Forth is launching a new campaign in the spring of 2017, around her latest hip-hop release, “Lost Girls”. In an effort to unify young girls and to promote a message of self-worth, Lex Dime has created a campaign to encourage young girls to find their identity and love themselves.

In a culture that promotes sex 24/7, Lex Dime is pushing a new movement that will help young girls see beyond their bodies and embrace their true identities: “So many young girls are chasing after the wrong things and not everyone has guidance that helps them make the right decisions,” says Lex. “I just want them to know that once you love yourself, making better decisions will come. You’ll understand that you are worth more than the world may say.”

The “Lost Girls” song features songstress Suzann Christine, produced by Jonathan Tottle and was executive produced by Grammy winning producer Carvin Haggins, who has worked with Grammy winning artists for over twenty-years. Both Suzann and Carvin are Philly natives and Alexis felt Suzann brought everything that was needed to the song.

“I love what she represents in her music, which to me is strength, courage and support for youth,” says Lex.

In her magical storytelling way, Lex breaks down three verses by creating three female characters and writing a story that talks about heartache, rape, pain and low self-esteem. In just four minutes, Lex was able to grasp a lot of what today’s teen girls are faced with.

“It’s one of the most thought-provoking rap songs I’ve heard all year,” says producer of the track and mentor to Lex, Carvin Haggins.

When asked about what makes her campaign so compelling and set apart from other girl empowerment initiatives: “As an artist, I believe that my message is powerful. A lot of people create movements around an album, but I wanted to create it around a song that would have several layers to it. There’s also going to be a book that goes with the campaign, so there will be different elements that helps the message spread even quicker and reach the masses.”

Backed by some of Hip Hop’s heavyweights, such as MC Lyte, Lex has been rapping for the last fifteen years and believes that her movement is just getting started. Writing songs isn’t new to her and neither is working hard to convey a positive message. But she admits that there are challenges that come with trying to find a balance.

“I grew up rapping in West Philly and I’ve seen a lot, so some of my messages are very hardcore. But I also have a lot of experience that I can share with young girls and my hardcore music doesn’t take away from who I am as a person. I’m versatile and I’m able to create stories that showcase that.”

The chorus alone says a lot as it calls out to young girls that may feel lost and offers them a different perspective on life. Today, suicide is the third leading cause of death between teens ages 15 to 24 (healthychildren.org). Even though rates for teen pregnancy has decreased over the last ten years, in 2014, a total of about 250,000 babies were born to women ages 15 to 19 (cdc.gov/teenpregnancy).

Lex’s campaign comes at an opportune time when 75% of teen girls who have low self-esteem engage in negative behaviors such as cutting, bullying, drinking, smoking and disordered eating (dosomething.org).

When asked what she would say to a teen girl who is ready to give up on life because of a heartbreak or not feeling accepted by peers, Lex had the following words of encouragement:

“The first thing I would say is you’re beautiful. Your first love should always begin with God and then loving yourself. If you don't love yourself you have no room for anyone else to love you. Boyfriends are for later in life. Right now, focus on your talent, find friends and family that love you for who you are and keep your education first. Boys will come later.”

For more information about The Lost Girls campaign and how you can get involved, please contact Machere Johnston at macherejohnstontlgc@gmail.com.