Alexis “Lex Dime” Forth

A Jersey girl by birth but a Philadelphia native at heart, at an early age, Alexis “Lex Dime” Forth found her way to the studio instead of the streets. Born on October 29, this hip-hop hungry muse earned recognition around Philly and decided to find a cause to do something positive with the local fame she was gaining. She took up the mantle of HIV/AIDS awareness and became an advocate and educator of the subject. From the underground battles on the streets of West Philly, Lex Dime continues to use her music as a product of influence and encouragement.

A graduate of Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC, and an illustrious lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (Spring 2007), she continues to promote her music with the distribution of four mix tapes: “Paragon”; “Paragon Fully Loaded”, hosted by DJ Diamond Kutz; “Back to the Future: 80s Baby”, hosted by West Philly’s own DJ Aktive, whom Lex credits as a very instrumental person in her career and “Str8 Dime”, hosted by the Hip-Hop legend, MC Lyte and her latest Tester hosted by BBinc Choc 215 Real Exposure Show. All 5 of her mixtapes have been sold out. Lex’s latest single “Heavy” is available on Itunes and Google Play and is the first official single she’s ever had listed on either music platform.

Alexis “Lex Dime” Forth when asked about the campaign theme song "LOST GIRLS"

I wrote this record to put focus on the hard truth of things happening to young women everyday and the fact that we can't just sit back and allow this to keep happening.  My goal for the song is to open up dialogue about these serious issues so that girls who have experienced these situations will understand that they are not alone.  Back in the day, it wasn’t cool to speak on issues you’ve gone through, but I learned from holding it all in, you carry that burden with you your whole life.